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Social Learning and Development Network

Enterprise Social Network

Social Learning and Activity Wall

E-Learning Management

Detailed In-Class Learning Management

Evaluation and Survey Management

Online Examination System

Video CMS

Document Management

E-learning Player

Mobile Learning

on PCs, Mobile Phones and Tablet PCs

Document Based Learning

Location Awareness

Virtual Classroom Integration

Learning and Activity Calendar

Topic Based Courses

Learning Programs

Attendance Management

Dynamic Reporting

Scheduled Auto Reporting

Detailed Employee Profile

Employee Learning History

Course Catalogue

Issue and Feedback Management

Ready Evaluation Forms

Employee Orientation

Notification Mails

Confirmation Management

Application to courses and activities


Self Enrollment

Rule, Filter or Position based Assignments

Online Examination System

Continuation of interrupted exam

Question Banks



Knowledge Base Library

Location Management

Email Management

Cost/Expenditure Management

Scorm Standards

Post & Blog Support

Gamification & Badge Management

Departments, Positions and Teams

Post & Blog Support

Portal Before Authentication



Note taking


Relational data

LDAP, Oracle, SAP integration

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